Welcome! My name is Stew, and I’m a born and bred Mainer. I’m a Villanova graduate, CPA in Maine and New York, and hold a Masters of Science in Taxation, graduating near the top of my class. As Principal of Macomber & Palanza and with over twenty years experience, my goal is to provide a better quality service for small business and individuals with complex tax returns and planning needs. Why choose Macomber & Palanza?

1) Macomber & Palanza has been building strong relationships with clients since 1993. We’ve grown one way and will continue to grow one way: organically through satisfied client and professional referrals.

2) Every professional at Macomber & Palanza is either a CPA, an Enrolled Agent, or is working towards such certification. There will never be a set of inexperienced eyes on your business or personal affairs.

3) We continuously improve our education and training to provide you with the best planning opportunities in a dynamic legislative environment. Read on to find out why we will be a great fit for you.

Personal Accounting & Tax Services

You don’t have to be a business owner to benefit from a relationship with Macomber & Palanza. From estate and gift tax planning to complex individual and trust tax preparation, rest assured your finances are in order with the individual tax planning and compliance services we offer.

With today’s technology, many people can prepare their individual tax returns using any number of tax software products – but there are exceptions. Tax penalties can be harsh, and poor planning can be worse; a substantial understatement of taxable income can double the statute of limitations. Contact us and we’ll help you make an informed decision.

Business Advisory & Tax Services

Profitable decisions that grow your business start with a competent business advisory and tax service relationship. The most common issue small business owners face is whether to make an S Corp election, file as a partnership, or become a C Corp. The second most common is financing. It can be confusing – let us take the guesswork out of it. We can assist with compensation issues, retirement plans, health insurance, assess capitalization structures, and file business tax returns so that your take home pay is maximized.

Macomber & Palanza has been building strong relationships in Southern Maine for over thirty years, and we know great bookkeepers, attorneys, payroll and insurance agents, loan officers, and financial advisors that can help your business be its best. We will facilitate these relationships for you, so you can focus on growth.

Contact us and we will tailor our business advisory and tax service relationship to your needs.

Audit Resolution

Audits happen. We’re here to help our clients. At Macomber & Palanza, we have extensive expertise handling personal, partnership, and corporate audits for our clients at the federal and local level. We are in your corner, and want to resolve burdensome, time-consuming audits as efficiently as possible.

We have the necessary experience to handle complex IRS audit procedures. We are by our clients’ side, from the first notice to the final agreement.

Business Consulting Relationship

Are you considering a business combination or exit transaction? Do you need assistance setting up a new accounting tool, or establishing a key performance indicator? You may be ready to take the next step with a business consulting relationship.

At Macomber & Palanza, we want to make sure your next step is on the right path. When you engage Macomber & Palanza’s business consulting services, you’ll get the invaluable combination of educated, well-informed business consultants and experienced tax professionals. We are qualified to advise clients on a broad spectrum of financial and tax concerns, and we will tailor our relationship to your specific goals. If you need fractional CFO services, we partner with other firms to make sure your needs are met. Contact us to find out more.